“We believe in embracing the people of our nation – working harmoniously together to bring true change. We put roofs over heads, and put work boots on feet. We believe in offering opportunity to young Filipinos, with true governance and responsibility. We believe in building our nation not only with concrete walls and steel trusses, but with the powerful spark that comes from unit”

JJ110 Multiplus Trading is a hardware and construction supply business established in Imus Cavite in 2002.

Mr. Joseph H. Hynson, CEO of JJ110 Multiplus Trading, spearheaded the company for almost a decade.  He was also supported by his wife, Mrs. Gina D. Hynson, who established her own company—Multibright Trading— in 2011.

Together, through hard work, determination and passion for opportunity, they established a well-dedicated and well-experienced team on sourcing the best products at best prices.

True to its commitment to understand and to cater to the needs of its customers, JJ110 Multiplus Trading has diversified and expanded its business by offering glass and aluminum supplies, steel works/ fabrication, and residential and commercial construction jobs and repairs.

In 2014, the company underwent major restructuring due to the passing of CEO Joseph Hynson.  Multibright Trading then decided to form a corporation under the JJoneten Construction Corporation  (JJCC) name.

With the company’s success, JJCC is now equipped with three delivery trucks, an Isuzu pick-up, an L300 van, and manufactures its own CHB (Concrete Hollow block) products.

JJCC has now an outstanding reputation on accommodating the needs of every customer as it continuously aims to strive and explore more market and higher business opportunities.

The company’s longevity is a result of the Hynsons’ vision that is demonstrated through the company’s values of strength, performance and passion.

The company continues to pave the way for remarkable construction services.

I. Mission Statement

  • To continuously offer a wide array of high quality construction products to the clientele
  • To consciously focus in providing the “I am assured” experience to clients in giving them the excellent after-sales service
  • To ensure the customers and their objectives are our top priority.
  • To create a working environment conducive to personnel growth and employment security

Vision Statement

To establish a reputable corporate name in Imus City; to expand business connections, to aid in the growth of businesses in Imus City by combining technical expertise and multi-market knowledge to satisfy various market-specific needs.

I. Resources

V.1. Staff

Our employees are recognized for their initiative, professionalism, teamwork and the trust they engender in our customers, subcontractors, and the community.

V.2. Equipment

When not in use on deliveries, our equipment is available for lease.


Being Filipino-owned and managed, you could say REGISTERED is the way we’ve always done business. Our company is legally registered to all government agencies: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) , Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the office of the mayor.